The 15th Colloquium

Time: 2012/03/19

Speaker: Dr. Takeshi Fukaya
Title: “An Approach to Automatic Performance Tuning of the Blocked Householder QR Algorithm”
Affiliation: Nagoya University

Speaker: Dr. Lei Du
Title: “A variant of the IDR(s) method for solving shifted linear systems”
Affiliation: University of Tsukuba

Speaker: Dr. Akira Imakura
Title: “Some improvement techniques of the GMRES(m) method focused on the restart”
Affiliation: University of Tsukuba

Speaker: Dr. Takafumi Miyata
Title: “Computation of All the Eigenvalues on the Unit Circle”
Affiliation: Nagoya University

Speaker: Prof. Per Christian Hansen
Title: “Image Deblurring with Krylov Subspace Methods”
Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark

The 13th Colloquium

Time: 2011/06/24

Speaker: Ass. Prof. Changton Luo
Title: “Global Optimization of Expensive Black-Box Functions and Its Applications to Aerodynamic Configurations”
Affiliation:  Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The 11th Colloquium

Time: 2010/05/10

Speaker: Prof. Gerard L. G. Sleijpen
Title: “Inducing dimension reduction”
Affiliation: Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Speaker: Mr. Akira Imakura
Title: “A GMRES(m) method with Look-Back-type restart”
Affiliation: Nagoya University

The 9th Colloquium

Time: 2008/12/01

Speaker: Prof. Zhiming Chen
Title: “The Adaptive Immersed Interface Method for Elliptic and Electromagnetic Interface Problems”
Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Speaker: Prof. Chi-Wang Shu
Title: “Multiscale Method’s Based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme”
Affiliation: Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

The 7th Colloquium

Time: 2008/02/18

Speaker: Prof. Ren-Hong Wang
Title: “Algebraic Functions, Radial Bases Functions, and their Applications in Numerical Analysis”
Affiliation: Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Dalian University of Technology

Speaker: Prof. Bo Yu
Title: “A Symmetric Homotopy and Hybrid Method for Solving Mixed Trigonometric Polynomial Systems”
Affiliation: Department of Applied Mathematics, Dalian University of Technology