Workshop on Numerical Algebra and Scientific Computing

Time: 2019/09/02

Workshop on Numerical Algebra and Scientific Computing with Prof. Junfeng YIN in Tongji University
place: Lecture Room 342, Engineering Builing B3

10:00-10:10 Opening Ceremony S.-L. Zhang
10:10-10:50 Speaker: Tomohiro SOGABE (Nagoya University) T. Kemmochi
10:50-11:30 Speaker: Junfeng YIN (Tongji University)
11:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:00 Speaker: Tingting Hao (Tongji University)

Title: “Adaptive finite element approximation for steady-state Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations”


T. Tatsuoka

14:00-14:30 Speaker: Zhixuan Huang (Tongji University)

Title: “Linear extrapolation accelerated matrix splitting method”

14:30-15:00 Speaker: Saihua Wang (Tongji University)

Title: “A Rigorous Condition Number Estimate of an Immersed Finite Element Method”

15:00-15:30 Speaker: Yuki Satake (Nagoya university)

Title: “On a relation between the ★-congruence Sylvester equation and the generalized Sylvester equation”


Z. Huang

15:30-16:00 Speaker: Daiki Matsushita (Nagoya university)

Title: “Quantum Algorithms for Linear Systems over F2

16:00-16:30 Speaker: Fuminori Tatsuoka (Nagoya university)

Title: “Convergence analysis and a preconditioning of the double exponential formula for the matrix fractional power”