The 27th Colloquium

Time:2024/06/20 Speaker: 深谷 猛 (Takeshi Fukaya)Title: 縦長行列の列ピボット付きQR分解に対するコレスキーQR型アルゴリズム        

The 26th Colloquium

Time:2024/05/09 Speaker: 高比良宗一 (Souichi Takahira)Title: 量子コンピュータの基礎数理と線形計算に関する量子アルゴリズムについて                    […]

The 25th Colloquium

Time:2020/02/20 Speaker: 宮武勇登 (Yuto Miyatake) Title: Adjoint-based algorithm for computing the exact Hessian-v […]

The 24th Colloquium

Time:2020/01/23 Speaker: Prof. Matthew Lin Title: “On a Geometric Approach for Solving Structured Invers […]

The 23rd Colloquium

Time: 2019/02/20 Speaker: Yuji Nakatsukasa Title: “Approximate and Integrate: Variance reduction in Monte Carl […]

The 22nd Colloquium

Time: 2019/01/23 Speaker: Prof. Junfeng Yin Title: “A class of positive-definite operator splitting iter […]

The 21st Colloquium

Time: 2018/11/12 Speaker: 星 健夫 Title: 「陽電子回折における高速化データ駆動科学」 Affiliation: Tottori University Speaker: 田中 和幸 Tit […]

The 20th Colloquium

Time: 2018/10/19 Speaker: 深谷 猛 Title:「コレスキー分解を用いたQR分解の高性能計算手法」 Affiliation: Hokkaido University [peg-image src […]

The 19th Colloquium

Time: 2018/01/26 Speaker: Prof. Takayasu Matsuo Title: 「偏微分方程式に対するモデル縮減法の実際について」 Affiliation: The University o […]

The 18th Colloquium

Time: 2017/12/27 Speaker: Prof. Daisuke Furihata Title: 「ボロノイ格子上の差分近似とその応用としての離散変分導関数法」 Affiliation: Osaka Uni […]

The 17th Colloquium

Time: 2017/05/17 Speaker: 榊原 航也 Title: 「代用電荷法入門」 Affiliation: The University of Tokyo Speaker: 剱持 智哉 Title: 「有 […]

The 16th Colloquium

Time: 2016/11/14 Speaker: Prof. Sotiris Notaris Title: “Gauss-Kronrod quadrature formulae” Affilia […]

The 15th Colloquium

Time: 2012/03/19 Speaker: Dr. Takeshi Fukaya Title: “An Approach to Automatic Performance Tuning of the […]

The 14th Colloquium

Time: 2011/10/24 Speaker: Prof. Ming-Chih Lai Title: “Immersed boundary methods for incompressible flows […]

The 13th Colloquium

Time: 2011/06/24 Speaker: Ass. Prof. Changton Luo Title: “Global Optimization of Expensive Black-Box Fun […]

The 12th Colloquium

Time: 2010/05/31 Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Zeng-Qi Wang Title: “Parameterized Inexact Uzawa Method and Preco […]

The 11th Colloquium

Time: 2010/05/10 Speaker: Prof. Gerard L. G. Sleijpen Title: “Inducing dimension reduction” Affili […]

The 10th Colloquium

Time: 2009/03/23 Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Julien Langou Title: “Numerical Gram Schmidt Algorithm” Aff […]

The 9th Colloquium

Time: 2008/12/01 Speaker: Prof. Zhiming Chen Title: “The Adaptive Immersed Interface Method for Elliptic […]

The 8th Colloquium

Time: 2008/03/17 Speaker: Dr. Osni Marques Title: “Experiences in the LAPACK Project and Automating Eige […]

The 7th Colloquium

Time: 2008/02/18 Speaker: Prof. Ren-Hong Wang Title: “Algebraic Functions, Radial Bases Functions, and t […]

The 6th Colloquium

Time: 2007/12/17 Speaker: Prof. Yanfei Wang Title: “Indirect Regularization and Optimization for Computa […]

The 5th Colloquium

Time: 2007/12/14 Speaker: Prof. Zhaojun Bai Title: “Advances in Structure-Preserving Model Order Reducti […]

The 4th Colloquium

Time: 2007/11/19 Speaker: Prof. Gerard L.G. Sleijpen Title: “Accurate conjugate gradient methods for fam […]

The 3rd Colloquium

Time: 2007/10/04 Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Takeo Hoshi Title: “Ultra-large-scale electronic structure theory […]

The 2nd Colloquium

Time: 2007/06/08 Speaker: Prof. Zonglin Jiang Title:  “Some Progress on Computational Fluid Physics&#822 […]

The 1st Colloquium

Time: 2005/12/08 Speaker: Prof. Martin H. Gutknecht Title: “A Survey of the Literature on Block Krylov S […]